Party at the End of the Patriarchy Conference
October 25, 27, 29, 2021 • Online
DAY 1: Radical Imagination

9am PT (12pm ET) Session 1 - Sound Bath & Yoga  with Dasha 

10am PT (1pm ET) Session 2 Opening Imagination Session: I don't know what I'm doing with Mazarine Treyz

11am PT (2pm ET) Session 3 
The Great Resignation  with Sarah Larson

12pm PT (3pm ET) Dance Party

1pm PT (4pm ET) Session 4 Consulting to End the Patriarchy 
with Heather Yandow

2pm PT (5pm ET) Session 5 Grief in the time of COVID with Kierra Taplin

3pm PT (6pm ET) Session 6 Breakout rooms for networking

DAY 2: Begin Again

9am PT (12pm ET) Session 1 - Embodied Movement with Joy Many

10am PT (1pm ET) Session 2  A Group Temper Tantrum 
with Natalya Kolosowsky

11am PT (2pm ET) Session 3   Wealth Reclamation: A Homecoming Vision for Fundraisers Who Are Tired of Begging for Money with Veronica Garcia

12pm PT (3pm ET) Dance Party

1pm PT (4pm ET) Session 4 No more business as usual with Korin Mills

2pm PT (5pm ET) Session 5 A New Kind of Give/Get", with Rachel Wyley

3pm PT (6pm ET) Session 6 Radical Ownership: Heal Your Past, Present and Future to Manifest Your Dreams & Desires with Marian Valenza

4pm PT (7pm ET) Session 7  We Should All Be Feminist ... Entrepreneurs with C.V. Harquail

DAY 3: Fundraising Constraints can be creative

9am PT (12pm ET) Session 1- Sound Bath & Journaling with Dasha & Mazarine

11am PT (2pm ET) Session 2 Asking for major gifts over zoom during COVID with Christal Cherry

12pm (3pm ET) Dance Party

1pm PT (4pm ET) Session 3 Asking for legacy gifts without being creepy with Claire Axelrad

2pm PT (5pm ET) Session 4 Breakout rooms for networking

3pm PT (7pm ET) Session 5 Conference Close with Mazarine Treyz

Monday, October 25th
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Session 1:

Sound Bath & Yoga

9am PT (12pm ET)

Have a incredible start (or incredible lunch hour) for your Monday! We are gonna get up, get moving, and chill out with blissful 

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Session 2:

Opening Keynote: Another world is possible-Post-Capitalist Futures

10am PT (1pm ET)

In this interactive session, we're gonna delve into your imagination

Dream with us! 

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Session 3:

The Great Resignation

11am PT (2pm ET)

Uncovering your biggest cost and ensuring your future

You’ll learn:
  1. The biggest hidden cost in your organization
  2. How to implement a learning mindset
  3. Understanding the need for powerskills

You’ll leave with:
  1. The ability to apply this research to your organization.

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Session 4:

Consulting to End the Patriarchy

1pm PT (4pm ET)

Come to this session and network with other awesome nonprofit consultants! Hosted by Heather Yandow, founder of

Are you a consultant, coach, or other expert working with nonprofit leaders? Join this session to meet other like-minded folks. We'll discuss the challenges facing the leaders we work with, share our favorite tools and resources, and connect with new potential partners. This session will be facilitated by Heather Yandow, a long-time consultant and founder of the network of nonprofit consultants (

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Session 5:

Grief in the time of COVID

2pm PT (5pm ET)

In a time of uncertainty, skepticism, change and loss have you made space for grief? During this session we will discuss Grief in the Time of COVID. The pandemic has exposed the truth of our priorities, systems of support, relationships and the scalability of our life plans. Join us as we explore healthy ways to grieve during this unprecedented season, with Kierra Taplin, grief expert

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Session 6:

Breakout rooms for networking

3pm PT (6pm ET)

Get to know  folks who are attending the conference!

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Wednesday, October 27th
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Session 1:

Embodied Movement

9am PT (12pm ET) 

Join us for a relaxing sound bath and yoga to start your day off right!

connect with your breath and body in this intentional movement practice, inspired by studies of Kripalu yoga, physiotherapy and functional human movement. As we cultivate compassionate self awareness and let go of old patterns, we celebrate in this party at the end of the patriarchy! All bodies are welcome to this practice.

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Session 2:

A Group Temper Tantrum

10am PT (1pm ET) 

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Session 3:

11am PT (2pm ET) 

Wealth Reclamation: A Homecoming Vision for Fundraisers Who Are Tired of Begging for Money

Desire and purpose

What becomes possible when we stop asking for money? This workshop uses the Just Transition framework to help us imagine resourcing our movements through the natural abundance of our relationships.


  1. Host a guided, interactive tour of the wealth reclamation model.
  2. Demonstrate applied wealth reclamation theory and resource mobilization practices.

What becomes possible when we stop ‘asking’ for money, as ‘fundraisers,’ and start organizing relational wealth as Resource Mobilizers? This workshop introduces participants to Wealth Reclamation, an emerging vision for transforming the traditional practices of philanthropy to better represent movement values of equity, justice, and reparation. Together, we’ll imagine resourcing our movements through the natural abundance of interconnected relationships. Come along for a guided tour of the wealth reclamation model and learn to identify the most fertile conditions for a bountiful resource mobilization campaign.

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Session 4:

1pm PT (4pm ET) 

No more business as usual

A creative discussion on reframing power inside our organizations. 

Stop having dead end arguments or avoiding them altogether while at the same time hiding or ignoring the realities impacting your momentum.

  • You don’t have reliable childcare, but that’s your problem. 
  • You know why a certain practice isn’t working and what might help, but you keep getting ignored or shouted down or told to wait. 
  • You want to be or to have a real ally in moving things forward, but you can’t get past polite, meaningless acquaintanceship.

We hide ourselves at work because we’re not conditioned to trust the environment. We’re conditioned to expect exploitation for what we hope is a living wage, and retaliation for anything short of fitting in. We’ll save our real feelings for our fake twitter accounts, thank you. And in the meantime we’ll keep treating our real purpose as a side hustle, at best.

But what else is possible? Join us for a facilitated discussion on how to:

  • Operate from emotional intelligence rather than emotional radioactivity
  • Practice care as a core value. 
  • Stop negotiating the basics of equity.
  • Name, frame, and reframe the stakes for clear, sustainable decisions. 
  • Expand your creative stamina for transformation.

Get real about what’s going on in your work today, and unlock some new possibilities. Let’s keep each other honest so we can keep going. Start here. 

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Session 5:

2pm PT (5pm ET) 

A New Kind of Give/Get", "Not Your Average Give/Get"

My "begin again" story focuses on my recent exit from the nonprofit sector, and the simultaneous heartbreak and liberation of that decision. The heartbreak? Letting go of a long-held belief that the nonprofit sector would be the site of my racial equity revolution. The liberation? Gaining greater understanding each day that I needed every lesson learned for the next era of my work - putting pressure on the nonprofit sector from outside to do the true work of racial equity. This is an interactive community conversation about being in the midst of stepping into your favorite self, learning to give up something to gain something else, and how to leverage your authentic self to propel you forward.

Key messages: 

  1. Let your soul lead.
  2. Invite your most authentic and favorite self to the forefront.
  3. Be willing to give up the fight.
  4. Embrace hibernat
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Session 6:

3pm PT (6pm ET)

Radical Ownership: Heal Your Past, Present and Future to Manifest Your Dreams & Desires

In this insightful and thought provoking talk, you'll learn the 4 stages of reprogramming your subconscious and shifting your mindset to a healthier, wealthier and joyous state. Marian will lead you in an experiential exercise to help you heal past challenges in order to positively impact your present condition. You'll learn tools that you can implement right away into your life, relationships, and career/business.

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Session 7:

4pm PT (7pm ET)

We Should All Be Feminist ... Entrepreneurs

Session Overview

We should all be feminist entrepreneurs, so that we can transform the world of work and the experience of business, and then create an economy that supports the thriving of every living thing.

But, before we can all be feminist entrepreneurs, we need to learn what it means to practice feminism in our businesses, and how to create business entities that themselves demonstrate and advocate for feminism.

Join me in a conversation about feminist entrepreneurship and feminist business.  We’ll start by considering a collective, inclusive feminist perspective from which we’ll launch our exploration of business practice. I’ll define what makes a business “feminist” and contrast that to a conventional business. I’ll offer a quick history of the activist, feminist entrepreneurial movement so that you can locate our present energy in an historical context. I’ll explain the seven dimensions that I use to explore the level of feminism that a business reflects, and explain how these seven dimensions help us organize where a fledgling feminist business could best invest its efforts. Then, in a more practical turn, we’ll discuss how to use feminist principles to reshape your everyday business practices. I’ll share a few examples from contemporary feminist businesses, and then we’ll open up to conversation and questions.

"How to Get Paid to Be a Full Time Feminist"

As feminists, we all want to change the world to make it a better place for women and all living things.  This is a big job-- and seems overwhelming when we consider the amount of time we have outside of work to march, write letters, raise our consciousness, and pound our keyboards to make statements on social media.

What if there were some other ways to make a difference? Ways that were less part-time and more full time? Ways that were more 'in the thick of things' than 'pushing from the margins'? Ways that helped you remain authentic, whole, spirited, and creative?

In this talk, I'll describe how feminists we know are weaving feminist principles and practices into their everyday work lives. I'll share the basics of feminist business practice, and help you set a plan for infusing your work role, your work identity, and your work contributions with everyday feminism.

Considerations for an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

For speaking invitations, workshop invitations, and panel discussions, here’s an initial list of items that I like to consider as part of my participation in your event. These include things that are directly valuable to me, as well as ways that I might enhance the value that I offer to you.

Asking, from you, for:

  • An honorarium / Speaker Fee, depending on the scope of your event
  • Agreement re: control over my intellectual property, specifically the access to video recaps, handouts, and reference lists (e.g., people not having ‘downloadable’ access to my presentation, making sure my work and materials are cited properly, etc.)
  • Reimbursement for direct expenses to participate (with agreement in advance as to what these will cover, and/or a budget)
  • Adding a few questions to your event feedback survey to elicit feedback specifically about my talk
  • Giving me a summary of the feedback on my talk, and where possible some feedback about the other (anonymized) speakers so I can put my feedback in context 
  • Connecting me with other speakers and the sponsors so that we might coordinate and support each other’s contributions (e.g., so I can follow up on what they share, in my talk, to offer continuity) 
  • Giving me a ‘testimonial’ about how my talk was received, what I was like to work with, with a specific person’s name and the event.
  • Making my email & contact information easily visible and available so people can follow up directly with me.
  • Access to the event’s email list, one time, to invite people to sign up for my email newsletter
  • Professional-quality video (copy is fine) of my presentation
  • Copies of professional-quality photographs of me participating, and permission to use these in my own social media

On my end, offering to you:

  • A talk, workshop, or participation that is crafted to fit the needs, interests, and energies of your community — even where it’s material I’ve shared before, I would love to customize it to your needs.
  • My enthusiastic participation in the event itself, not just the X number of minutes I’m actively involved.
  • Enthusiastic contribution to the marketing of the event by promoting the event on my own twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Possibly a write up on my own website and LinkedIn page.
  • Contribution to the marketing by a pre- or post-event interview about the event. 
  • Conscientious, timely responses to your needs for promotional materials, rehearsals, etc. 
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Friday, October 29th
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Session 1:

Sound Bath & Art

9am PT (12pm ET )

Ready to chill out and ride high into your weekend? Join us!

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Session 2:

Asking for major gifts over zoom during COVID

11am PT ( 2pm ET)

Cultivating and Closing Major Gifts in this New Virtual Reality

The virtual environment can be challenging. Learning how to approach major donors, build delicate relationships and ask for major gifts when you’re stuck behind your computer or phone screen is a new art.

Traditional approaches are things of the past. Face-to-face meetings and social gatherings feel like distant memories. Nonprofits have reported great success in raising major gifts, even during a worldwide pandemic.

During social distancing, Zoom meetings, Google Meets, Facetime, texting and old fashion phone calls are back in style and its working!

In this webinar, discover how to nurture relationships in the new virtual environment. Participants will begin to:

· Rethink ways to use fundraising techniques that work
· Identify virtual metrics
· Hone in on donor stewardship in the age of technology
· Remember the do’s and don’ts of asking and closing major gifts
· Make the most of the virtual donor experience

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Session 3:

Asking for legacy gifts without being creepy

1pm PT ( 4pm ET)

How to Talk about Legacy Giving Without Seeming Creepy

How challenging is it to live under the yoke of having to raise your entire budget – every single year – starting from scratch? Time to do something about it! Legacy giving programs often never get off the ground because people think talking about death is creepy. Yet right now people are questioning the meaning of life, and their own mortality, in a way that’s unprecedented. People are wondering: What will their legacy be? Just possibly they may wish part of their legacy to be supporting the causes they cared about during their lifetime. It’s not going to happen though, unless you begin the conversation.

Session take-aways:

  • How to persuade ‘powers that be’ you should actively promote legacy giving, even (especially) now.
  • Why legacy giving is not just for rich old people.
  • How to uncomplicate legacy giving – for you and your donors.
  • How to measure success.
  • Simple legacy giving strategies any nonprofit can adopt right away.
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Session 4:

Breakout rooms for networking

2pm PT ( 5pm ET)

If you want to get to know more folks, if staying in quarantine has been hard, if you think you could have fun with new people in your life, definitely come to this! 

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Session 5:

Conference Close

4pm PT (7pm ET)

It's making my heart change shape! to be with so many incredible people! thank you and what is next?

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We are all about offering this conference at a price you can afford. That's why attending is $36, and if you want to get the recordings, that's $85. These prices are simply incredible for the value you're getting.

Team/Grantee Pricing:

Do you have a team that wants to attend? Are you into getting a bigger bang for your buck? We have institutional pricing for groups of 5 or more. If you're a granting institution, your grantees could gain a lot from this. Just email to get started. We have a limited number of seats, so get your tickets early!

Safe space vs Brave space:

Safe space doesn't exist- but each day we'll make an agreement about behavior. It means we will not tolerate any sort of hate speech or trolling on this event and people who do it will get booted with no refunds. Totally serious here. This includes anti-LGBTQIA+, racism, sexism, ableism, classism, etc.  By taking part in this conference, you agree to abide by the rules of safe space.

What is brave space? We WILL be going to ask people to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in looking at systemic and individual bias. We will be asking people to consider learning more about these topics to create structural change. This will involve brave space, being open to making mistakes, admitting your intentions were not the same as the results of your actions and we hope you will step into that with us.


Platform: We will be using the Zoom meeting platform, so you can see other attendees and network with folks in small groups in the spaces between presentations, like at a real conference! If you would like to be more anonymous you can change your name in zoom and not engage your video.

Hearing: Zoom allows us to have live closed captioning, so if you have hearing issues, this event will still be accessible to you.

Seeing: If you are partially sighted or blind, we can arrange to get the materials to you in advance for your screen reader.

Mobility: This conference is online, so you can take part from home! If you want to make sure you get your questions answered live, please feel free to email questions in advance to and we can get them to our presenters ASAP.

Language: Right now we do not have a plan to have simultaneous language translation. If that is something you feel like we should offer for next time, please let us know at!

Times and Days and Zones: We surveyed our list and people told us they wanted a conference during the week. That's why we're choosing to do this conference on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We are located in Pacific Time. (1 hour behind Mountain Time, 2 hours behind Central Time, 3 hours behind EST, 4 hrs behind Halifax Time, 2 hours ahead of Hawaii time.) We try to keep the conference as accessible with time as possible for everyone, so we're starting at 9am PT (12pm ET) each day, and ending around 4pm PT (7pm ET) each day.

Cost: If cost is a barrier, we have a limited number of scholarships available, so if you want one, email us at and tell us about your situation.